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Auction Name: 2020 March 21 - 22 Movie Posters Signature Auction - Dallas

Lot Number: 86540

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/7219-86540

Le Thermogène (1949). Very Fine+. French Advertising Poster (31.5" X 47") Leonetto Cappiello Artwork.
This indelible image was first printed in France in 1907 with a black background and slightly different wording. The initial printing claimed to cure coughs and rheumatism with Thermogène's hot poultice patches, but after 1913 the posters were changed to say they fight (combat) the symptoms of these ailments. An advertiser's dream, artist Leonetto Cappiello had a prolific career designing posters for companies, as he fully understood the concept of creating a memorable image that consumers would associate with a product, more so than the actual product itself. Although linen backed, the poster has not received any touchup and shows only a few creases as well as very minor tears. The linen has been trimmed nearly to the borders.

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