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Auction Name: 2020 March 21 - 22 Movie Posters Signature Auction - Dallas

Lot Number: 86318

Shortcut to Lot: HA.com/7219-86318

Stairway to Heaven by Arsen Roje (Columbia, R-1995). Very Fine+. Original Acrylic Poster Artwork on Canvas (27" X 41") Original Title: A Matter of Life and Death.
Better known as A Matter of Life and Death, this much beloved film was reissued in 1995 boasting this gorgeous artwork by Arsen Roje on the one sheet. The piece features the titular stairway, which reportedly took three months to make and was powered by a 12-horsepower engine. As the original image was painted by Anselmo Ballester for the 1946 Italian release of the film and Columbia did not possess a high quality scan of the image for the reissue in 1995, the studio tasked Roje with the expert recreation of the stunning scene and wonderful portraits of stars David Niven and Kim Hunter. The artwork shows only light handling and surface wear near the edges.

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