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Coins: US

Headshot photo of Doug Baliko
Doug Baliko
Vice President of U.S. Gold and Numismatics
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1335
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Headshot photo of David Mayfield
David Mayfield
Vice President - Heritage Auctions
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1277
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David Mayfield is a Vice President at Heritage Auctions. David started collecting coins at the age of nine and has been trading at coin shows since he was ten years old. David became a full time coin dealer in the early 80's, and has been a regular on the national and international coin show circuit ever since. David came to work at Heritage Auctions in 1992, and since has had the pleasure of assisting thousands of collectors in building their collections and ultimately in helping them bring their collectible legacy to market. David oversees Heritage Auction's numismatic consignment division, and works with collectors and Consignment Directors across all of Heritage Auction's collectible categories.

Headshot photo of Jim Stoutjesdyk
Jim Stoutjesdyk
Vice President of Numismatics
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1310
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Jim Stoutjesdyk was named Vice President of Heritage Rare Coin Galleries in 2004. A native of Michigan, Jim has been actively involved in numismatics since a young age and the American Numismatic Association named him their Outstanding Young Numismatist of the Year in 1987. After graduating from the University of Michigan he was employed by Superior Galleries in Beverly Hills, California where he eventually became their Director of Collector Sales.

Since coming to Heritage in 1993, Jim has assumed a wide variety of responsibilities. He initially was hired as the Gallery Manager for Heritage's retail showroom. For several years he helped to develop Heritage's retail clientele and placed millions of dollars worth of rare coins with collectors. Jim's talent for writing and passion for numismatics led him to become the editor of Heritage's Insider magazine. From 1998 to early 2000 this bi-monthly publication brought collectors the latest offerings from Heritage's inventory and featured a wide variety of informative articles. With the rapid development of Heritage's web site and instant access to our inventory, the Insider magazine was phased out. Jim's interest turned to wholesale trading and he quickly became a familiar face at coin shows across the nation. As Vice President, Jim's duties include buying and selling millions of dollars worth of rare coins each month, pricing all of the new coins available for sale each day, and overseeing the daily operations of the rare coin department.

Headshot photo of Mark Ingold
Mark Ingold
Director of Numismatic Sales
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1768
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Mark Ingold has been Director of Numismatics in the Rare Coin Department of Heritage Auctions since May of 2008.  Mark has had passion for coins his entire life with the help of his father who is a lifelong coin collector.  Mark specializes in 18th century to date US coins and currency as well as 17th century to date World coins.  Mark’s vast knowledge of Numismatic has made him an upcoming star in the world of Numismatics. 

Mark's main duties including selling coins from Heritage's vast rare coin inventory and traveling to all major coins shows.

He has written numerous numismatic articles that include “United State Gold Coins” and “The History of the Silver dollar from 1794 to present”.  He is a member of the American Numismatic Association and Madison Coin Club and also holds a merit badge in Coin Collecting from the Boy Scouts of America.   Mark has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Edgewood College in Madison, WI.

Headshot photo of Dustin Johnston
Dustin Johnston
Director of Currency Auctions
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1302
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Dustin Johnston joined the Heritage team in 1998 and has been active in nearly every aspect of the business. He was born and raised in Tucson, where he also attended the University of Arizona. Prior to joining Heritage, he won a number of literary and exhibiting awards from the ANA. Dustin also served as an Exhibit Judge and Numismatic Theater Speaker for the ANA. He oversees the management of the Currency division including consignment acquisitions, purchasing, cataloging, and inventory management. He is a member of the PNG, ANA, IBNS, SPMC, and currently serves as Vice President for the Professional Currency Dealers Association. Away from work, he enjoys married life, his two young kids, and WWI research related to the 364th Infantry.

Headshot photo of Sam Foose
Sam Foose
Consignment Director & Auctioneer
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1227
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
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Sam Foose joined Heritage Numismatic Auctions, Inc., in 1993 as an Auction Coordinator. He rose to Assistant Auction Director in 1998, and began calling auctions. After a stint serving as a Senior Manager and Consignment Director in other collectible fields, he returned to Heritage in 2002 as a Consignment Director to help Heritage's expansion into other collectibles fields. Besides calling auctions as one of Heritage's primary auctioneers, he travels the nation assisting clients who wish to liquidate their collections of coins, paper money, decorative arts, and sports collectibles.

Headshot photo of Jason Friedman
Jason Friedman
Consignment Director
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1582
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Jason's interest in rare coins, which began at 12 and expanded into his own numismatic business, allowed him to pay for most of his college tuition at the University of North Texas, from which he graduated in 2005. He joined Heritage soon after. He is a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and Florida United Numismatists (FUN).

Headshot photo of Mark Borckardt
Mark Borckardt
Senior Cataloger/Sr. Numismatist/Consignment Director
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1345
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Headshot photo of George Chua
George Chua
Gallery Auctions Manager - Senior Numismatist
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1503
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George Chua is a Consignment Operations specialist for U.S. Coins and is a collector of rare stamps. He started collecting during overseas trips as a child to the Far East and his interest developed into a lifelong passion and pursuit of philatelic knowledge. He has been a member of the American Philatelic Society since 1988. George’s experience with stamps allows him to work closely with collectors to assist in the evaluation and management their collections.

Headshot photo of Marc Emory
Marc Emory
Director of European Operations
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  Page
Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
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Marc Emory was born in northern Virginia, where he grew up as the son of a Washington correspondent of a newspaper in Upstate New York. A child of the Washington political scene, he was visiting the White House at age 13, and Capitol Hill many times before that. Like so many children of Washington, he attended the Sidwell Friends School. He than was accepted for the Schoolyear Abroad program in Spain, then sponsored by the two Phillips Academies (Exeter, NH and Andover, MA). After the year in Barcelona, he went on to graduate from Andover (1970), and four years later graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania (1974), with a degree in Spanish. He always had an interest in languages, and while at Penn got his introduction to German and Swedish, in addition to continuing his studies in Spanish and Russian from high school. In addition to those four languages plus Catalan, a byproduct of his year in Barcelona, he has since learned French, Italian and Dutch. 

Always interested in collectibles, he was impressed from early childhood by the Smithsonian collections of both coins and minerals, which were within walking distance of his father's office at the National Press Building at 14th and F streets in Washington, D.C. He maintains an extensive collection of minerals at his German home, near the Rheinland city of Dusseldorf, which he shares with his wife of 25 years. His wife, Elisabeth, is a German native, and they speak German at home. Their two bilingual daughters currently attend universities in the United States, after secondary school education in Germany. Marc also has a collection of U.S. coins and an assortment of guitars hand-crafted by legendary luthier Bozo Podunavac. A musician by hobby, he has made recordings and done solo concert tours in his spare time, a commodity which he finds in all too short supply of late.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Marc joined one of the two firms that later merged in late 1982 to form Heritage. He is has been with the company without interruption since joining in August, 1975. He founded and oversees the operations of the Heritage Overseas offices, which are now in France (since 1979), Germany (since 1979), Switzerland (since 1984), and the Netherlands (since 1990). The Heritage offices in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands are all run by natives of those countries, coordinating in their own languages through Marc at the German office with the Heritage world headquarters in Dallas. The European offices, under Marc's supervision, in turn offer Heritage services to collectors, consignors and estate executors in their own countries and in their own languages, as well as to banks and Central Banks around Europe and the world.

Headshot photo of Mark Feld
Mark Feld
Senior Numismatist/Consignment Director
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1321
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Mark has been an active and important presence in the rare coin industry on a full time basis, since 1979. He has worked for Steve Ivy Rare Coins, Heritage Rare Coin Galleries (an early incarnation of Heritage Auctions), David Hall, Mark Salzberg, at NGC as a grader, Pinnacle Rarities and as owner of his own numismatic business, Mark Feld Rare Coins.

An avid coin collector from an early age, Mark has been quoted as saying “Numismatics must run in my blood, literally. Numismatic pioneer B. Max Mehl was my grandmother's uncle, and I have always been very proud and respectful of that special connection.” And Mark has backed up those words in his dealings with collectors, as well as dealers, over a period spanning more than thirty years. He has been widely recognized as an outstanding source of numismatic information and collecting advice to countless collectors - a  true collector’s advocate.

Headshot photo of Todd Imhof
Todd Imhof
Executive Vice President - Heritage Auction Galleries
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)
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Headshot photo of Kyle Kavanagh
Kyle Kavanagh
Consignment Director
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1156
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Kyle Kavanagh began collecting coins at the age of 12 and has maintained a passion for numismatics ever since.  Originally from New Jersey, he attended Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York. He graduated in May of 2016 with a B.S. in Psychology and a double minor in Business Administration and Marketing.  While at Fordham, he founded a successful technological salvage business. In the city, Kyle also continued to grow his coin collection, buying coins from all over the Tri-state area.  In his spare time, Kyle enjoys sailing, stock analysis, and quality time with his dog Dante.

Headshot photo of Bob Marino
Bob Marino
Consignment Director & Senior Numismatist
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1374
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Bob Marino joined Heritage in 1999, managing and developing Internet coin sales, and building Heritage's client base through eBay and other Internet auction Web sites. He has successfully concluded more than 40,000 transactions on eBay. He is now a Consignment Director, assisting consignors in placing their coins and collectibles in the best of the many Heritage venues.

Headshot photo of Bob Merrill
Bob Merrill
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  Page
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Bob Merrill says he has been interested in coins and history as long as he can remember. He received his Masters Degree in History long ago. After trying teaching in secondary schools and on the junior college levels, he became the Director of Heritage Numismatic Auctions back when leisure suits and extensive facial hair were in vogue. He served in that capacity until he relocated to Oregon in 1998. Today, Bob says he is retired, but he still serves as a part time consultant and Auctioneer for Heritage. His first love is the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Even at his advanced state of preservation, he has managed to climb several mountains including Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens. He tells us that he hopes to hike every trail in the Columbia Gorge, but is not sure he'll live long enough. Bob is also involved with the Oregon Historical Society and various political causes.

Headshot photo of Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
Director of Numismatics, New York
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1597
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Sarah Miller is Director of Numismatics at Heritage’s New York office and brings a lifelong passion for U.S. Coins. A student of numismatics since age 11, she first fell in love with U.S. coins and the history behind them while attending her first coin show. This led to a job in rare coins throughout high school and college, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Central College in Naperville, Ill., with a degree in Finance and Economics. She amassed an impressive list of accomplishments during her studies and is a past member of the Financial Management Association National Honor Society, the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honor Society and was a participant in the Honors Council of the Illinois Region. Sarah assists Heritage clients with their rare coin collections on a daily basis in addition to being a regular contributor to the Heritage Blog. She is also a current member of the American Numismatic Association. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, taking ballet classes, knitting, and baking. 

Headshot photo of Al Pinkall
Al Pinkall
Director, Numismatic Sales Department
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1835
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Headshot photo of Mark Stephenson
Mark Stephenson
Consignment Director, Beverly Hills
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1888
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Mark has been in the coin business for almost two decades and counting. Prior to joining Heritage Auctions, he served for three years as Vice President of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), a position in which he was responsible for client relations and bulk services. He has worked in management, inventory control, operations, shipping and receiving, legal, administrative, accounting, purchasing, sales, grading, and even auction cataloging, in his career in the industry. In his role at Heritage Auctions out of the Beverly Hills office, he is responsible for estate appraisals, wholesale and retail sales, buying collections over email, the phone, and in person, auction consignments, and work at major coin shows. In addition to his experience in numismatics, Mark has practiced law and is a lifelong musician. 

Headshot photo of Bill Walker
Bill Walker
Showroom Manager & Senior Numismatist
1-800-USCOINS (872-6467)  x1238
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Bill Walker has been a professional numismatist since 1987. Currently, Bill is the Heritage Showroom Manager and has been with the company since 1998. He enjoys collecting postcards and spending time with his three sons.

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